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Round 3, Challenge 10: Prompt

The Challenge:

Hatch, Match and Dispatch

It's normally around this time that I make you kill either Ron or Hermione or someone close to them. Well, this week's prompt is kinda similar but not quite as morbid. This week I want in your drabbles a birth, a marriage and a death. Not necesarilly Ron and Hermione's wedding, the births or Rose or Hugo, or one or either of our favourite couple dying, but ones that they would be moved by or involved in closely. You can, of course involve them directly or you can mix and match as it were. Drabbles are to be 500 words either as a whole or three parts added together. Because last week's format was pretty strict, I'm not going to be asking for three drabbles, one each about the three aspects, but that doesn't mean you can't do it should you wish to. Any format, any pov, any tense, any genre.

Prompt: Hatch, Match and Dispatch | Word Count: 500 words | Other Conditions: None

maybe1ce, miss_daizy, shocolate

Please note, now there are less then 7 participants, skips are now no longer allowed.

ALSO, just in case I forget to mention it in the voting post, participants are now no longer allowed to vote.

The Rules:
• All drabbles should between 500 words long
• Drabbles should be rated anything up to R. Please no NC-17 ratings
• Please submit your drabbles as a comment to this post, using the code below.
• Closing date for submissions is 23:59 Thursday 3rd June 2010 (BST London)

• Please use the following coding when submitting your drabble:

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