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Round 3, Challenge 11: Prompt

The Challenge:


I've been trying to think of a suitable Final Round challenge and I'm falling short. So I'm going to leave it to maybe1ce and shocolate to come up with a prompt each. They will then write two drabbles, between 100 and 500 words each, one drabble per prompt.

Prompt: Quidditch & Defining Moment | Word Count: 100-500 words | Other Conditions: None

maybe1ce & shocolate

ALSO, just in case I forget to mention it in the voting post, participants are now no longer allowed to vote.

The Rules:
• Both drabbles should be between 100 & 500 words long
• Drabbles should be rated anything up to R. Please no NC-17 ratings
• Please submit your drabbles as a comment to this post, using the code below.
• Closing date for submissions is 23:59 Thursday 10th June 2010 (BST London)

• Please use the following coding when submitting your drabble:

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