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R/Hr Last Drabble Writer Standing

In which there are many drabbles about Ron and Hermione...

RW/HG - Last Drabble Writer Standing
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A Last Drabble Writer Standing for Ron/Hermione shippers!
In which things are explained...

Quite Important Note: The third round of rwhg_ldws is due to start in February 2010, but in the meantime there will be an occasionaly 'one-off' competition in which anyone can take part, look out for them and have a go! All the fun and none of the commitment... *sniggers*

Welcome to the rwhg_ldws community which - in case you were wondering - is a 'Last Drabble Writer Standing' community focusing on Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger.
The 'Last Drabble Writer Standing' community is based on the 'lims' ('Last Icon Maker Standing'), but instead of making icons, participants will submit drabbles. Rules and format are based on ldws

After taking part in the wonderful fwhg_ldws I decided to give running a Ron/Hermione version a go, as this wonderful canon ship needs things like this! :D

The community is currently run by me, thesteppyone, header, banners and community icons are made by me. Layout by spire

Rules of the game, because without rules there is anarchy, which is fun, but would make my head explode...

1: If you are taking part in the challenge, please join the community.

2: You do not need to join the community to vote for the drabbles, but there is no anonymous voting as this would give people the opportunity to vote for themselves. Oh...

3: If you are taking part in the challenge, you are not allowed to vote for your own drabble.

4: Drabbles should be between 100 and 500 words long unless otherwise stated in the Challenges. Drabbles can be rated anything up to R. Please no NC-17 ratings.

5: Voting will work on a scale system. Each drabble will be followed by a one-to-ten scale. When voting, please mark the drabble out of ten, ten being the highest mark and one being the lowest. You can give each drabble ANY mark you want. Personally I think this is the fairest way to mark the drabbles. If you feel that two drabbles are worth being named 'your favourite' then you can give them the same mark. In the same way, if you think that none of the drabbles deserves to be outright last, then you don't have to label a drabble as your 'least favourite' and can give it the same mark as another.

6a: The drabble with the least points loses and the writer of that drabble will be eliminated from the competition.
6b: The drabble with the most points wins and the writer of that drabble gets a shiny banner.
7: In the event of a tie break:
Winning Drabble: The drabble with the most amount of '10 points' wins. If neither have been given 10 points then this rule applies to 9 points etc, until a winner is determined.
Losing Drabble: The drabble with the most amount of '1 points' is eliminated. If neither has been given 1 point then this rule applies to 2 point etc, until someone is eliminated.

8: Drabbles will remain anonymous - submitted as screened comments to the submission post - until the results of that week's challenge are posted. Please DO NOT post your drabble anywhere else until the results are revealed.

9: Participants have one skip. This may be used as long as there are more than 7 contestants still in the competition. We all know how real life can get in the way of fic writing, or if you can't get your muse to write anything for a prompt one week, then use your skip. Use it wisely though, as you only get one!

10: Anyone who doesn't submit a drabble and has already used their skip will be eliminated from the competition. If you have to withdraw from the competition, this will not be held against you and you will be allowed to participate in further rounds, but please realise this competition will run for approximately 14 weeks, and is a commitment to write one drabble per week. (Also, it's just plain rude to not let me know if you're dropping out of the competition. As stated, it won't be held against you should you have to, but an email or a PM does not take long to do!)

11: Participation/Winners/Mod's Choice banners will be posted with the results.

12: Failure to comply with the rules is just rude, and therefore will more than likely result in disqualification from the competition.

13: Please play nicely, people. Rudeness, flaming, and general bad behaviour will not be tolerated.

14: Please include the phrase 'We're with you, whatever happens', on sign up, so I know you've read and understood the rules.

Any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. :D


* Challenges will be posted on Sunday
* Entries are due Thursday night at midnight (BST, London).
Due to the nature of the competition, extensions on the deadline is impossible.
* Voting polls will be posted on Friday
* Winners will be announced on Sunday.

Submission Coding

All submission posts will have the header coding needed for the drabbles, but just in case you need it quickly, it be here...


We are proud to be affiliated with the following communities:
cw_ldws, dmpp_ldws, the_hp_love, rhr100, rhrinloveandwar, weasley_fest, rw_ldws

If you are interested in becoming affiliated with rwhg_ldws, PM thesteppyone or email rwhgldws@gmail.com :)

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