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Round 3, Challenge 11: Results

Round 3, Challenge 11: Results

The Winner of Challenge 11 of Round 3 of rwhg_ldws and the Last Drabble Writer Standing is shocolate! :D Congratulations to shocolate for the challenge and overall win.

Of course that means that this Round's Runner Up is maybe1ce. Congratulations for making the final and many thanks for competing.

I am giving this weeks's Mod's Choice I'm giving to maybe1ce for her 'Defining Moment' Drabble. I loved the mirroring of the scene from Deathly Hallows and once it had been revealed that it wasn'tthe Deathly Hallows moment I enjoyed re-reading it knowing the twist. It was lovely :)

The 3 banners you each get are in the widget below the cut and thanks again to you both for being awesome.

Thank you to everyone who participated and voted. I'll be putting up a post soon regarding what's happening next. Until then, thank you and good night :D

Step ;)

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